The Best and Worst Bond ETFs of 2014
Monday, 22 December 2014 01:36

It has been an interesting year for fixed income markets, as diverging monetary policies and mixed economic reports from across the globe played major roles in bond performances [see also The Best and Worst Performing Dividend ETFs of 2014]. In the U.S., the Fed officially ended its QE stimulus package, and began tapering its purchases every month. Many analysts believe the central bank will adopt a tightening monetary policy sometime next year, meaning rates will likely rise. Outside of the U.S., however, foreign central banks have continued with easy money policies, with some governments implementing additional stimulus measures to prop up lagging economies. These events have ultimately dictated bond markets in 2014. Below, we highlight 2014’s best and worst Bond ETF performers. Please note that this list excludes inverse and leveraged ETFs (see All Bond ETFs) and the year-to-date returns are as of December 18, 2014: The Best Performers   This year, longer-dated Treasuries ETFs were among the top […]

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