The Amazon and Ebay ETF
Wednesday, 12 September 2007 00:00

As technology and internet stocks are being pushed my investing media punits as the new safe haven in the market, I went out looking for a good technology/internet ETF to fill the hole in my portfolio. As I looked around I realized that most of the tech ETF's are pretty much the same.

The tried and true QQQQ, although extremely liquid, is just too diversified for me. Then on top of the big tech names, you add a bunch of biotech stocks, which are great and all, but thats not what I'm going for. I wanted something with more focus on the internet. Thats when I came across a little unknown gem called HHH, the Internet HOLDRS. With 70% of its holdings spread out in 3 stocks, it gives the volatility I'm looking for, but has some other holdings as padding. Here is the percentage breakdown: EBAY 26, YHOO 23, AMZN 21, TWX 15, ETFC 4, MFE 4, AMTD 3, PCLN 1, and a few other names. If you're looking to cover your EBAY, AMZN, YHOO base, this ETF could be a good match for you.



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